Herb Infused Honey

5 Sep

Here is a simple, fool proof recipe for something fun and creative for the whole family to enjoy, not to mention a great gift for just about anyone. I suggest serving these in your nightly tea or hot toddy (whichever is more your style), with cheese, or on a good old piece of buttered toast. For my batch today I used fresh rosemary, sage and lavender. The options are endless and the results are always delicious.

Here we go.

Ingredients & Supplies:

A couple sprigs of rosemary, a few large sage leaves, and about a tablespoon of fresh lavender flowers (off the stem)

A good bottle of honey

A piece of butchers twine or any other wax like string

A small piece of cheesecloth

Small mason jars


Tie the rosemary and thyme into two separate bundles using the twine at the bottom of the stems.

For the lavender, (or any other loose herb or flower) create a small pouch with the cheesecloth, filling until nice and compact. Then tie shut making a small baggie.

Place each bundle into a separate jar, then fill with honey.

Seal jars tightly, and place them in a nicely lit window sill for two weeks or so, tasting and removing the herbs when the flavor seems just right.

**Do note that this should last for quite some time as honey is a natural antimicrobial.

Serve and enjoy!


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