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A Week of Local Press

14 Sep

This week was a fun and exciting week as both the blog and the Cooking Matters for Parents class that I teach through the Oregon Food Bank were both in the local press here. I think the only times in my life I have ever been in any type of newspaper were in the police log in Carmel, and the one insane time that my ex Brendan and I were asked to dress up and march in the kings 50th anniversary parade in Thailand, and we woke up to find a picture of ourselves on the cover of a paper there(not kidding).

The article featuring the blog was an awesome piece by a co-worker of mine on homemade infusions. It included the infused honey article I wrote a while back and has some really great ideas for many other home infusion projects. Check it out here:

The cooking class was in the Oregonian last week. Check it out here:

Again, I work for the Food Bank, not Catholic Charities, so if you live here in Portland and are interested in volunteering for a 6 week class that meets once a week as a chef instructor, shopper or lead assistant, go to the Oregon Food Bank Volunteer section of their site (, and sign up now. They just opened the registration for new classes yesterday.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned!